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The first generation of children with consistent access to evidence-based and science-backed behavioral therapies is now entering adulthood. Project Beacon will continue to develop and provide behavioral services for adults, partnering with research universities and other pioneering organizations to develop transformational adult autism services for our community.

Program development based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, the gold standard for autism treatment.

Behavioral and Programming Expertise provided by:

Direct Service Provision:

Serving a Spectrum of Neurodiverse Needs

  • Taking courses at a community college to become a Vet Tech
  • With vocational support services now works at a Vet Hospital full time
  • Learning the goals of budgeting, choose healthier eating options and social media safety
  • Has found friends with common interests
  • Learning to cook favorite meal 
  • Making friends by pursuing leisure interests such as bowling, art, music and the favorite, video game night
  • Learning to ride public transportation to get to part time job
  • Learning how and why it’s important to keep your spaces clean
  • Has a part time job that he looks forward to going to for 10-20 hours weekly
  • Working on personal hygiene
  • Learning to participate in community events
  • Volunteering at the food bank 3 hours a week to build up vocational skills
  • Can now independently checkout at the grocery store when buying items

Social Enrichment Events

Come experience our social enrichment events and enjoy better moods and well-being.