Kevin Gerrity

Kevin Gerrity

Title: President & Co-Founder


Kevin Gerrity was born and raised in Latham, New York, and is a 36-year employee of ExxonMobil.  He has also had assignments in Fuels, real estate, procurement, and projects.  Along with many domestic assignments, Kevin has served in Bogota, Colombia, Lima, Peru, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Additional postings include two assignments in the United Kingdom, covering Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With travel to 40+ countries, This experience has helped him see how different societies address neurodiversity.

While in Peru, as Tommy turned three, his developmental progress began to lag significantly. Recognizing the lack of infrastructure in Peru for special needs, he requested a career change to return to the United States for a complete diagnosis and ongoing support.

Tommy’s diagnosis was severe autism, leaving him non-verbal and requiring support for basic needs. Kevin soon learned that 1) many families are in similar positions and 2) there was a lack of support for special needs- including benefits, financial planning, long-term residential plans, and vocational opportunities. These two realizations are the catalyst behind forming Project Beacon.