Why Support Project Beacon?

The Business Case

Limited options for high-support-need individuals persist due to the absence of integrated educational, vocational, social, and residential solutions.

Out of 50 Ranking
0 th

Texas ranks 49th out of 50 states in terms of special needs support.

Average Lifetime Cost
$2- 0 M

Lifetime costs for caring for an individual with autism are estimated at anywhere from $2-$5M.

Years on Waitlist
10- 0

The waitlist for Medicaid Waiver services is often 10-20 years.

Costs Person Per Day
$ 500

The state spends ~$1,000/person/day providing support in State Supported Living Centers with mixed results.


Struggle with independence, and vast majority remain in family home

High rates of social isolation


7X more likely to die from suicide than neurotypical individuals
Vulnerable to abuse or others intending to take advantage of them

Changing the Outcomes

From Social Enrichment Events to form pathways for friendship and social skill development, to Individualized Day Programs to teach skills needed for independence, Project Beacon is a place for neurodiverse adults to thrive and become vital and visible members of the community.

2024 Priority: Beacon Access Center

The Beacon Access Center will offer transformational adult autism services and will be a model of excellence.

Beacon Access Center Objective

Opening this location in 2024 is an essential step in operationalizing our Project Beacon vision.

Download, print and share our one-page Beacon Access Center brochure.