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Project Beacon’s Social Enrichment programs help form pathways for friendship and social skills development. This important first step has the immediate benefit of helping to combat social isolation and loneliness for older adolescents and adults. We create inclusive environments through various carefully planned activities and gatherings where individuals can connect, engage, and thrive. From group outings to structured social events, our programs are designed to help participants build confidence, communication abilities, and interpersonal connections in a supportive and understanding community. By nurturing a sense of belonging and offering opportunities for social interaction, we strive to empower individuals with autism to lead fulfilling and connected lives.

Project Beacon’s Social Enrichment Events are designed for adults and older adolescents (16 and up) with autism and other neurodiversities. The goal of these events is to create a fun social outing that encourages participation in the community and increases socialization skills.

Events are designed for all ability levels and have multiple break-out activities for different needs.  Events will generally be planned as come-and-go events so participants can enjoy the outing at their own pace.  Some events may have a specific itinerary, so be sure to read the details for the event you are interested in joining. 

All participants must have a caregiver or family member attend with them regardless of ability level. We also invite you to bring the whole family and enjoy the event together.

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