Neurodiverse Support Providers Networking Group 2024 – LSC Montgomery

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Join us on April 10th, 2024, at 11:00 AM for networking and introductions to a dynamic group of leaders in our community. This session will offer information, tools, strategies, and best practices that will help participants gain needed skills to support neurodiverse individuals in developing healthy, safe, and sustainable relationships.

Featured Speakers: Michelle Garcia, Psy. D, Clinical Psychologist & Brandon Delgado, M.A. Psychological Associate.

More about our Key Speakers!

Michelle Garcia, Psy. D founded the Michelle Garcia Psy.D. & Associates practice. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Florida State University. Michelle graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2003 with a M.S. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. Specializing in short- and long-term consultations and treatment plans for individuals of all ages. She co-wrote the nationally recognized Quality of Life Curriculum with Brandon Delgado.

In addition to counseling and curriculum, Michelle and her team provide psychological and neuropsychological testing for a wide variety of conditions (including autism) with the goal of reducing behavioral challenges and improving quality of life. She has provided crisis intervention services (ex. after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita), conducted workshops, and served on committees both at the state and local level.

Brandon Delgado, M.A. Team Leader & Licensed Psychological Associate. Following his graduation with a B.A. in Psychology from Texas State University, Brandon enrolled in Sam Houston State University and earned an M.A. in Clinical Psychology.

Brandon has worked with individuals of all ages to diagnose and treat a variety of mental health and behavioral issues, including autism. He co-wrote the nationally recognized Quality of Life Curriculum with Dr. Garcia, is scheduled to speak at the 2020 Attention Deficit Disorders Association conference, and has presented research at the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences conference.

More about our Networking Group!

This networking group aims to bring together organizations, professionals, and advocates who are passionate about neurodiversity and committed to improving the lives of neurodiverse individuals and their families in Montgomery County. By collaborating and sharing best practices, resources, and expertise, we aim to create a Center of Excellence that will serve as a hub for:

Support Services: Identifying providers offering a comprehensive range of support services, including education, employment, social integration, and mental health support, tailored to the needs of neurodiverse individuals.

Research and Development: Supporting research and innovation in our community to improve our understanding and approaches to supporting and providing resources to the neurodiverse community.

Advocacy and Awareness: Raising awareness about neurodiversity and advocating for inclusive policies and practices in our community.

Training and Education: Providing training and professional development opportunities for support providers, educators, and community members to enhance their skills in working with neurodiverse individuals.

Community Engagement: Organizing events, workshops, and awareness campaigns to engage with the broader community and promote acceptance and inclusion. We believe that by pooling our expertise and resources, we can create a powerful network that will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of neurodiverse individuals and their families in Montgomery County.

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