We have been meeting with a variety of non-profit and business leaders as we work to more fully develop our business planning, marketing, and outreach efforts.  It’s really been gratifying to see how interested these leaders have been in supporting Project Beacon.  It’s a fact that fundraising will be critical to our success and we want to tell our story and share our vision in the most effective ways.  If you’d like to help us in these areas please just let us know!

We have finalized our partnership with Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF) as our umbrella 501(c)(3) organization, which means that all donations to Project Beacon are fully tax deductible as allowed under federal law. Our partnership with PPF gives us strong organizational support during these early days and enables us to build bench strength while we work to get Project Beacon going. Over the longer term we intend to establish Project Beacon as an independent 501©(3), but PPF is a great partner to have during this start-up phase. You can learn more about PPF here, and can make an online donation to Project Beacon here. If you have a donor-advised fund, you can also support Project Beacon by making a donation to PPF and asking your fund to note that the donation is for the benefit of Project Beacon. Several donors have made donations to us in this manner, and it has worked quite smoothly!

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